YES is my favourite word. It's short, punchy, definitive, affirmative, direct, and progressive.


YES you are the one.


YES we upgraded you to first class.


YES you are cancer free.


YES the funds are in your account.

YES we lost your luggage.


See what I mean? Even when the news is not what we want to hear, YES doesn’t leave us stranded in doubt. It stands up and swiftly delivers what we hope to be truth.


To remind myself to say YES to nearly everything, I began playing with the word as a graphic. From there, it wasn't much of a leap to design YES to take on different personalities and attributes.

This red 48” x 60” chunky canvass is prominently featured in my home. It's often the backdrop for media interviews and vivacious dinner conversation.


Once friends and family spotted YES (admittedly hard to miss) they asked for their own giant canvass. From California to Rwanda, YES adds a playful, optimistic take on life wherever she goes.


Choose from one of the designs featured below, or lets brainstorm a custom commission in the colours and design of your choice. Custom commissions start at £1200/$1800 and typically require 30 days from design to delivery.


We use 12 colour UV pigment ink, on 100% cotton Artist Canvas, hand stretched with Museum Quality, 1-1/2-inch stretcher bars. 


Your YES Canvas is custom made to order in three landscape sizes. Price includes tax, shipping and handling.


British Pound Sterling               U.S. Dollar


1200mm x 1500mm £799         48" x 60" $1250


800mm x 1200mm £599           32" x 48" $900


400mm x 500mm £450             16" x 20" $650


Your YES Canvas can be delivered to almost any place in the world. Kindly contact me, if you fancy one, or would like a free mini poster. Allow 10 days for delivery within the UK and 21 days for delivery to the states. In most cases it will be much quicker than this.


Below are some of my favourite YES canvasses to date. Click any image to view stationary. If you want to repurpose YES for your own products, give me call, or drop me a line.

YES you deserve a supersize canvass of your own.


YES it's exactly what your home, office, hotel, restaurant, shop requires.


YES I can do it in white-on-white by Friday.


YES we can do a line of specially branded cards, calendars, fridge magnets, tote bags, et al.


YES we can make it in any language you desire. YES looks equally good in every language.


Oui  TÁ  Sî  بلی  Ja  Ndiyo    EVET  כֵּן YDW  はい  ETIAM  այո  OO  ДА


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