I've always been fascinated by silhouettes. Above is my Gothic interpretation of 888,246 handmade, red ceramic poppies temporarily installed at the Tower of London in 2014. I shot a number of photos at night in the rain, with my iPhone. This picture is four shots, spliced together. All that red is the ceramic poppies. Each poppy represented a soldier who died in the First World War.


I photograph people, food, places, products, nature, dogs and anything else that captures my imagination. Every photo on the website, with the exception of a small collage, within a collage of me, is joyfully my inspiration.


Whenever possible, I do all the photography for my projects. This said, I know my limitations and have no qualms hiring a more technically skilled photographer than myself, though I still like to art direct the photo shoot.


Unintentionally, my work often comes with a touch of whimsy. I'm curious and playful by nature and I enjoy bringing this out in others. I always try to make time to stop and look, really look at what's around us. I'm hugely blessed to live and travel in areas abundant in natural beauty. Naturally, my clients are super-photogenic too.


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Click any picture above to make it make it bigger.


This collection represents some of my favourite photos. Of course my favourites change all the time because I'm always taking pictures. With two exceptions, all of these were shot with my trusty iPhone.


I nearly always enhance the colours and crop the photo. I may also run it through a filter to make it look more like a painting. I'm not a purist and will do whatever is required for the look I want to achieve.


As a theme person, my goal here is to curate complimentary images that make me smile. I also managed to get in all the seasons and choose over a dozen photographs shot at Chartwell, a couple of miles from home.


A good photograph has less to do with equipment and everything to do with these four considerations:


• Experience behind and in front of the lens


• Natural, filtered daylight


• An interesting subject


• Passion for the art of photography


Ideally, you want to tell a story; share a moment; capture something special; make a point; inspire, illustrate, convince. Photography often allows us to accomplish this better than any other medium.