My job is to make you the hero of your life. I get people to notice you, identify with you and respond to you. Together we explore your aspirations by examining the priorities responsible for your success. Depending on where you are in your evolution, we tackle a single priority or all of them simultaneously. It doesn't matter if you're an individual, couple, business or nonprofit, the process for prioritizing what you want to accomplish is the same.


I approach your project like a documentary filmmaker. My goal is to tell a good story - your story - tailored to the media most likely to communicate with your audience. I use the term media in the broadest possible sense, encompassing everything from your website to branding and guerrilla marketing.


Below is my client list. Every person I work with fits one or more of these descriptions. If you recognize yourself here, we're likely meant for each other.



I'm a lifelong maker of lists. Lists provide structure. They give the illusion of control. They're a quick way to organize just about everything. This list details some of the things I do. It changes often. Tempt me. There aren't many things I won't try my hand at.



My motto has long been See Things Differently. I make this request as much for myself as others. This means looking beyond the obvious for something decidedly more worthwhile. To See Things Differently it helps to get your head in a different place. Start by assuming a horizontal position. If lying on your bed, allow your head to relax over the side for a couple of minutes. Sometimes seeing the world upside down is the only way to see it.



Fly a kite. Build a fort under the dining table. Make a fire. Bake a loaf of bread. Create some art. Write a letter with a fountain pen. Go for a swim. Play a game of ping-pong or backgammon. Sit alone in a wild meadow. Stargaze. Volunteer with your favourite charity. Flex your political muscles. Soon enough, you’ll see things differently.


Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe