Moonstruck is one of my all time favourite movies. The moment they meet in the bakery, you know Lorraine and Ronnie (Cher and Nicolas Cage) are destined to be together; to belong entirely to each other; to live and die as soulmates. You also have a pretty good idea, by the time they meet up at the opera, that their life together will be an opera. They are what happens when fire meets fire. In the bedroom, nothing better. Outside the bedroom though, life's a battlefield.


October 7, 2015

Dear, Dearest JJ,

Without structure,
without meeting the expectations of others,
without accountability,
without a tribe,
without work,
without a place to be,
without a place to go,
without the comforts of home,
without good food,
without stimulating conversation,
without an outlet for our creativity,
without activities,
without someone to share our dreams,
without possibility,
without touch,
without love,
anybody would be as bad off as you are.

The one possible difference is that anybody else would jump at the chance for redemption; anybody else would grasp opportunity with both eager hands. This is where you fail yourself and everyone else.

Severe deprivation has become your natural state. The unthinkable is the norm.

You specialize in denying yourself absolutely everything. Maybe out of habit. Maybe because you feel you deserve nothing but desperation and ridicule. Maybe you've convinced yourself you cannot budge. Maybe you are intent on committing suicide. There are many ways for us to kill ourselves. Increasingly, this seems to be your one intention.

It doesn't have to be like this. You can get on a plane today, right now, and come to England and begin all over again.

This offer expires October 31, 2015.

It will not be repeated.

It is not negotiable.

I have invited you to share my big, beautiful life for four-and-a-half years, JJ. After October 31st, if you are not here, this will no longer be an option.

This means you need to:
(1) Access your funds and buy your ticket to London NOW.
(2) Unload the Durango.
(3) Wrap up your health stuff there and organize what you need.
(4) Buy the tech tools you need to work here (iPhone, iPad Pro, et al)
(5) Pay the fees so I can finish your website: http://jjreap.jimdo.com/

I would appreciate a grown-up, written response, JJ, shared with Gerri and Michael please.

What are you going to do now?

Much Love,


Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe