I make things with my hands. Stories. Pictures. Graphics. Websites. Feasts.


At heart, I'm a visual aesthetician and cultural anthropologist. Writing, photography, design, graphics and food are my primary mediums. Usually, I write something first, then get the idea for complementary graphics at some point in the writing process.


I've always been a theme person. Maybe this explains why I thrived in advertising. My work naturally comes with themes; sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but never abstract. I'm not sophisticated enough for abstract. I enjoy the challenge of making a statement with words and graphics.


Marsha Coupe


Native to Northern California, I lived on both sides of America's coasts, before immigrating to Kent, "The Garden of England," in 2005. I've always felt like the perpetual outsider, so the immigrant's life suits me. It means paying close attention and not taking anything for granted.


During my time in England, I managed to eventually master driving on the opposite side of the road (left, left, left) without taking out too many roundabouts. As a political animal, I have voted in every US election since coming of age. I also vote in the UK. Survived the desolation of widowhood. And have had the good fortune to work for myself most of my life.


Practised poverty law in Northern California; ran a couple of ad agencies; penned a stack of poetry, fiction and essays; raised an accomplished daughter who I admire, and racked up the volunteer hours, while regularly flexing my activism muscles.


Ongoing projects include a trio of Activity Books for Grownups, along with themed Art Exhibitions. Click titles below for link to books.


Lovers Kitchen

Tasty Tales of Lusty Meals


High Fat Content

How to Thrive in a Thin World


What To Do When I'm Gone

Answers to Questions You'll Have

When I'm Not Around


Food, Fat and Death - something for everyone (-;


Art Exhibitions

Click titles below to visit exhibitions.


The Art of YES


Some Women Have All The Fun


See Things Differently




One Woman Show

Marsha Coupe
Marsha Coupe